Biotechnologies and Nanotechnologies Research

The following faculty members in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are particularly focused on developing biotechnologies and nanotechnologies:

  1. H. (Bob) Robert Bergen, III, Ph.D. — Proteomics research and mass spectrometry
  2. Stephen C. Ekker, Ph.D.Zebrafish facility
  3. Mark J. Federspiel, Ph.D. — Gene and virus therapy program
  4. Slobodan I. Macura, Ph.D.Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) research
  5. Louis (Jim) J. Maher, III, Ph.D.Nucleic acid aptamers
  6. Daniel J. McCormick, Ph.D.Proteomics core facility and peptide synthesis
  7. Georges Mer, Ph.D. — NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography of protein complexes
  8. Jan van Deursen, Ph.D.Transgenic and knockout mouse core facility
  9. Eric D. Wieben, Ph.D.Medical genome research facility