The Structural Biology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, is a collaborative research laboratory in which investigators can determine the 3D atomic structures of biological macromolecules by X-ray diffraction analysis of macromolecular crystals.

Georges Mers, Ph.D., director of the Structural Biology Lab, works closely with all lab users throughout the course of their projects, which are often long term — the activities of protein expression, purification, crystallization and structure determination can extend for months to years for multiple or difficult crystal structures.

Researchers utilizing the laboratory, including crystallography novices, can expect to be trained and mentored to conduct hands-on research themselves within the laboratory. For trained users, the lab is accessible 24/7.

Funding from Mayo Clinic, as well as the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics, allows the Structural Biology Lab to keep its fees extremely affordable. All collaborative crystallographic research, whether it's led by investigators at Mayo Clinic or other public or private institutions, is fully supported and welcomed.

In addition to providing guidance and facilities, the Structural Biology Lab also aims to develop new crystallography technologies and methodologies for fragment-based drug design, medium-throughput crystallography and protein production.