Cores and Services

Several institutional cores and facilities within the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology serve researchers at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere.

  • Medical Genome Facility. Integrates various shared resources to provide Mayo Clinic investigators with access to the latest genomics technologies.
  • Metabolomics Core. Helps researchers apply high-field nuclear magnetic resonance to biochemical and biological systems.
  • Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core. Offers a wide range of services to investigators from both clinical and basic science laboratories, including specimen preparation, light and electron microscopy, photography, digital imaging, and multiparameter flow cytometry and cell sorting.
  • Proteomics Core. Supports disease-focused proteomics research and biomarker discovery research for the development of diagnostic clinical tests.
  • Transgenic and Knockout Core. Generates genetically engineered mice to help Mayo Clinic researchers study the molecular genetic basis of human diseases.