Administrator Jennifer (Jenny) A. Weis, M.A.N. 507-255-3294

Patient care

Nurse Managers
  • 507-255-7517
  • 507-255-9326
Lab Supervisor
Processing Lab, Charlton CRTU
Jesse J. Smith 507-266-7216
Lab Coordinator
Processing Lab, Saint Marys CRTU
Maria (Cora) C. Nacionales 507-266-6955
Scheduling Office 507-255-7377
CRTU Project Assistant
  • 507-538-5885
  • 507-255-8202

IT systems, informatics and operational support

Unit Head Woon Tzu (Michael) Lin 507-255-0162

Nutrition and metabolic kitchen

Nutrition Research Unit Nutrition Office 507-255-5703

Shared laboratories, facilities and cores

Body Composition/Bone Density Facility — Director Michael D. Jensen, M.D.
Energy Balance Facility — Director Bruce D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Energy Balance Facility — Contact Andrew D. Miller 507-538-6327
Enteric Physiology and Imaging Facility — Director Michael Camilleri, M.D., D.Sc.
Enteric Physiology and Imaging Facility — Contact Duane D. Burton, M.A. 507-538-8083
Muscle Performance and Physical Function Lab — Director Nathan K. LeBrasseur, M.S., Ph.D. 507-284-5000
Muscle Performance and Physical Function Lab — Contact Brian R. Kotajarvi, M.S., P.T. 507-266-7161

Additional CCaTS staff contact information is on the CCaTS Directory page.