Clinical Research and Trials Unit

CCaTS' Clinical Research and Trials Unit (CRTU) offers investigators the support they need to conduct clinical research — specially trained nurses, registered dietitians, technical and support staff, and a large selection of procedural and laboratory services.

CRTU staff are uniquely trained to carry out research protocols with an emphasis on patient safety and research quality. Learn more about CRTU staff.

The CRTU has a physical facility at both campuses of Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, plus mobile staff and a unique research vehicle.

Saint Marys CRTU

The Saint Marys CRTU is located on Domitilla 5 at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, and supports both inpatient and outpatient clinical research studies.

Charlton CRTU

Located on Charlton 7 at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus, the Charlton CRTU focuses on outpatient studies.

Extended CRTU and Mobile CRTU

The Extended CRTU is a "virtual" unit that provides services anywhere on Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester. Some clinical research protocols necessitate that samples and data be collected outside the Saint Marys or Charlton CRTUs, but still within the Rochester campus — for example, from someone arriving in the emergency department with heart attack symptoms, or from a patient undergoing neurosurgery.

The Mobile CRTU provides services to support research conducted off the Rochester campus in community settings across southeastern Minnesota.