KL2 Mentored Career Development Program

The KL2 Mentored Career Development Program at Mayo Clinic is a three-year research program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS) that guides you toward an independent clinical research career. Mayo Clinic actively recruits a diverse team of research scholars who represent a variety of clinical research disciplines.

Designed to prepare future research leaders, the KL2 Program is personalized, provides protected research time and enables you to conduct a multidisciplinary clinical research project under the guidance of a senior Mayo Clinic investigator.

The KL2 Program prepares you to submit a grant application for continued funding based on your research and complete graduate-level clinical and translational research course work. You also have the option to complete either a master's degree or certificate in Clinical and Translational Science.

Support provided

  • Salary to support your effort (75 to 100 percent) committed to the program, commensurate with your Mayo Clinic appointment category — up to $120,000 a year for three years
  • Research support of $25,000 a year for research expenses, including supplies, personnel, technical and statistical services, and other project infrastructure
  • Additional support to cover travel expenses, including for the Translational Science Meeting held annually in Washington, D.C.
  • Support of $5,000 a year each for your primary Mayo mentor and co-mentor

Read more about the KL2 Program's eligibility requirements, application process and components.


Our Education Contacts page contains a listing of team members who can assist you with questions.