Mixed Methods Research


The Mixed Methods Research concentration prepares scholars to:

  • Describe and implement key techniques in qualitative research
  • Differentiate between mixed method and multi-method research
  • Identify and explain key ethical issues associated with mixed methods research, such as those associated with community-engaged research
  • Develop mixed methods research protocols to answer research questions of interest
  • Critically evaluate published research in the mixed methods space, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and future directions

Concentration leader

Kasey R. Boehmer, Ph.D., M.P.H.

CCaTS contact

Jennifer (Jenny) S. Lamberson — ccatseducprog@mayo.edu

Required credits

Course number Course title Credits
CTSC 5810 Qualitative Research Design, Methods, and Analysis 1
CTSC 5815 Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research for Translational Science 2
CTSC 5820 Introduction to Survey Research 1
Choose one credit of the following:
CTSC 5263 Ethical Issues in Population Health Science 1
CTSC 5720 Clinical Trials: Design and Conduct 1
CTSC 5860 Behavioral Interventions in Clinical Trials 1
CTSC 5900 Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy 1
CTSC 5940 Secondary Data Analysis 1
Total 5