Clinical Trials


The Clinical Trials concentration prepares scholars to:

  • Describe the major study designs used in clinical trials.
  • Explain key similarities and differences between various clinical trial designs.
  • Evaluate clinical research questions and determine which trial design would best answer a given study question, keeping feasibility in mind.
  • Write clinical trial protocols based on their own research questions of interest.
  • Critique novel clinical trial designs in development, such as n-of-1 and adaptive trials.

Concentration leader

Nathan P. Staff, M.D., Ph.D.

CCaTS contact

Required credits

Course number Course title Credits
CTSC 5025 Introduction to Regulatory Science 1
CTSC 5650 Advanced Statistics in Clinical and Translational Research: Survival Analysis With Statistical Software 1
CTSC 5720 Clinical Trials: Design and Conduct 1
Choose two credits of the following:
CTSC 5070 Introduction to Community Engagement 1
CTSC 5080 Introduction to Health Disparities 1
CTSC 5640 Advanced Statistics in Clinical and Translational Research: Logistic Regression With Statistical Software 1
CTSC 5761 Evidence-Based Medicine for Clinical Researchers 1
CTSC 5770 Diagnostic Testing Strategies 1
CTSC 5820 Introduction to Survey Research
NOTE: Excluded if taken as a foundational credit
Total 5