Emily J. Knight

Why did you choose research as a career?

As a clinician, you are able to help people on an individual basis but are limited in the ability to ask why a particular disease develops and how the therapy can be improved. Research and clinical practice therefore support one another toward improved patient care.

What attracted you to Mayo Graduate School?

There is a clinical focus to much of the research, even in the most basic science labs. Additionally, there is a positive teaching environment where people are eager to help one another and work toward mutual success.

Why did you choose the clinical and translational science track?

There is a need for people who are skilled in bringing research from the bench to the bedside and at asking sound scientific questions based on clinical experience. I would like to bridge these two worlds, which ideally are not separate.

What do you like about Rochester, Minn.?

There is a clear sense of community throughout the Mayo Clinic research environment and Rochester as a whole.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to practice clinically as a developmental pediatrician and conduct research into the mechanisms of autism spectrum disorders.