Xiao Ma

Why did you choose research as a career?

I like the feeling of solving problems with existing knowledge plus some "wild" hypotheses. Also, it always makes me excited when I am studying something that no one has known the answer to before.

What attracted you to Mayo Graduate School?

We are offered excellent opportunities to witness and participate in the most advanced basic research and clinical translational studies. Also, students here have more freedom on finding their real research interests.

Why did you choose the clinical and translational science track?

The clinical and translational science track provides a broad platform for students to keep our eyes on both basic science and the clinical side. I believed I could get a more well-rounded education here and always be acquiring more knowledge and experience beyond my own research focus.

What do you like about Rochester, Minnesota?

The simple and peaceful lifestyle here. Everyone I met in this city is nice and professional.

What are your plans for the future?

Completing my Ph.D. study and further pursuing a career in genetics research or systems biology studies.