Community Advisory Boards

The Community-Engaged Research Program has established community advisory boards to assist researchers:

  • Community Engagement in Research advisory boards at Mayo Clinic campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. These three community advisory boards bring together people with a variety of relevant expertise, including both scientific as well as local and cultural knowledge. The boards provide consultation and guidance to researchers in the design, conduct and dissemination of their research. They also work with researchers and community partners to build community research capability and develop activities to address community health needs. Meetings occur quarterly.
  • Healthy Nations Advisory Board. This board was created to advise and educate Mayo researchers on the health priorities and concerns of native nations and urban Indian health programs in Minnesota. This advisory board works with Mayo Clinic to identify, prepare and carry out research that aims to address health priorities. Board members include native nations health directors and human service directors, members of native health-supporting organizations, and other tribal health care staff. Meetings occur quarterly.
  • Pediatric Advisory Board. This community research advisory board is composed entirely of children under age 18 from diverse backgrounds. The mission of this group is to ensure that pediatric research represents the major health concerns of children, respects the ability of children to assent to participate in research, reflects the perspectives of children and benefits the health of children. The board provides consultation and guidance to researchers in the design, conduct and dissemination of their pediatric research. Meetings occur quarterly.

For more information or to reach out to one of these advisory boards, please submit a consultation request.