Viral Toxicology Pharmacology Laboratory

The Viral Toxicology Pharmacology Laboratory characterizes the toxicological and pharmacological effects of the viral product in animal models as required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The Viral Toxicology Pharmacology Laboratory:

  • Designs toxicology and pharmacology studies to characterize novel genetically based therapeutic agents in consultation with the investigator and the FDA
  • Performs pilot studies to address technical issues and procedural details so study designs can be finalized
  • Prepares and implements standard operating procedures for all animal work and analytical assays of the study
  • Executes toxicology and pharmacology studies required by the FDA
  • Has specialty equipment, including VetScan blood and chemistry analyzers and surgical and imaging instrumentation
  • Prepares documentation of the study for submission to internal and external governing and regulatory bodies and participates in all formal reviews of this information by these agencies
  • Has extensive technical expertise in rodent breeding, health monitoring, electronic identification and other procedures, including therapy models using intravenous, intracardiac and intraperitoneal administration
  • Can conduct small-volume blood analysis, including complete blood count differentials, coagulation tests and blood chemistry profiles
  • Has expertise in tissue harvesting, processing and analysis by in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry, enzyme assays and quantitative polymerase chain reaction