Photograph showing a row of test tubes in a lab


The Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Core provides exceptional biorepositories and biospecimen processing and storage using the highest precision and latest technology.

The BAP Core provides investigators with pre-analytical processing and storage for a variety of biospecimen types to support the translation of scientific discoveries into clinical practice.

The core's range of services includes:

  • Support for setting up study-specific infrastructures needed for biospecimen collection, processing and routing.
  • Accessioning and processing.
  • Nucleic acid extraction, plating and peripheral blood mononuclear cell isolation and cryopreservation.
  • Bodily fluid processing for microbiome, including DNA extraction.
  • Storage, shipping and sample collection kit assembly.

The BAP Core is fully automated and highly scalable for virtually all of these processes. Automation includes sample sorters, robotic liquid handlers for blood processing and aliquoting (including plasma, serum, urine, buffy coat and red blood cells), nucleic acid extractions, DNA plating, and sample storage.

The core also provides a range of storage solutions, including conventional freezers with a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius below zero, liquid nitrogen freezers and robotically controlled high-capacity freezers that are maintained at 80 degrees Celsius below zero.

The Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing Core works closely with the Pathology Research Core. Together, the cores provide a broad array of high-quality pre-analytic services across Mayo Clinic's campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. Electronic biospecimen accessioning and tracking, combined with a broad range of specimen processing services, have created a powerful and synergistic resource that supports the translational, epidemiologic and basic research programs of investigators at both Mayo Clinic and external institutions.