Stethoscope lying atop bar graphs, pie chart and columnar statistics


Mayo Clinic's Biostatistics Core has its academic home in the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences and is part of the Division of Clinical Trials and Biostatistics at Mayo Clinic. The Biostatistics Core provides comprehensive statistical consulting and analysis services to investigators at all stages of the research process. The core is located across the Mayo Clinic enterprise including campuses in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida.

Biostatistics Core staff across all campuses include over 100 biostatisticians and more than 130 statistical programmers. Biostatisticians in the core are predominately master's degree-trained professionals in statistics, biostatistics or data science and are involved in protocol development, study design, development of statistical methodologies and implementation of statistical analyses in collaborative clinical and translational research. Statistical programmers are predominately bachelor's degree-trained professionals in mathematics, computer science, statistics, data science or other quantitative fields. Statistical programmers ensure data quality and use various programming tools and techniques to support data management, statistical analyses and reporting of results in research projects. Biostatisticians and statistical programmers work seamlessly with each other and have access to the support and expertise from over 30 doctoral-level faculty biostatisticians from the Division of Clinical Trials and Biostatistics and the Division of Computational Biology.

The Biostatistics Core supports a large range of project types, including genetic and genomic analyses, clinical trials, predictive modeling, outcomes research, translational research, and observational clinical studies. Annually at Mayo Clinic, the core supports over 2,000 institutionally and nationally funded investigations, plus a multitude of large, well-funded research programs. The core also works to develop and refine statistical methods and software, including more than 250 specialized SAS macros and R programs that have been used by groups both internal and external to Mayo Clinic. While the Biostatistics Core primarily partners in research, core staff members also engage in educational endeavors such as teaching or lecturing and in efforts such as creating and evaluating clinical practice initiatives.

The Biostatistics Core provides services to all Mayo Clinic faculty and staff engaged in research. Additionally, services are offered to investigators and research collaborators outside Mayo Clinic. For more information, please contact the core.