The Pathology Research Core at Mayo Clinic provides histological & tissue services, microscopy slides, tissue microarray construction & immunostaining.


The Pathology Research Core (PRC) facilitates tissue-based research by providing quality histological and related tissue-based services, including preparation of histology slides for microscopy, tissue microarray construction, immunostaining, digital image capture and analysis, and preparation of tissues for subsequent nucleic acid or protein extraction.

Services available in the Pathology Research Core include:

  • Preparation of histology slides for microscopy
  • Preparation of tissues for nucleic acid or protein extraction
  • Immunostaining
  • Digital image capture and analysis
  • Tissue microarray construction

The Pathology Research Core provides services to all Mayo Clinic faculty and staff. Additionally, services are offered to investigators and research collaborators outside Mayo Clinic. For more information, please contact the core.

Mayo Clinic Pathology Research Core

The Pathology Research Core provides histology-related services for researchers at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Minnesota, Arizona and Florida.