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Healthy Volunteer

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A volunteer subject with no known significant health problems who participates in research to test a new drug, device or intervention. These volunteers are recruited to serve as controls for patient groups. Healthy volunteers receive the same test, procedure, or drug the patient group receives.

Study phase

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During the early phases (phases 1 and 2), researchers assess safety, side effects, optimal dosages and risks/benefits. In the later phase (phase 3), researchers study whether the treatment works better than the current standard therapy. They also compare the safety of the new treatment with that of current treatments. Phase 3 trials include large numbers of people to make sure that the result is valid. There are also less common very early (phase 0) and later (phase 4) phases. Phase 0 trials are small trials that help researchers decide if a new agent should be tested in a phase 1 trial. Phase 4 trials look at long-term safety and effectiveness, after a new treatment has been approved and is on the market.

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  1. Preclinical Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease

    Jacksonville, FL

  2. Study to Evaluate the Pathophysiology of Multiple System Atrophy, Parkinson's Disease, Parkinson's Disease with Autonomic Failure and Dementia with Lewy Bodies Using Microneurographic Recordings of Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity

    Rochester, MN

  3. A Study to Evaluate The Role of Physical and Occupational Therapy Home Evaluations and Fall Incidence Post Discharge from Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

  4. Parkinson's Disease iPS Cell Line Research Consortium

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL

  5. Electrophysiological Biomarkers for Parkinson's Disease

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

  6. A Study of the Brain & Body Donation Program

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

  7. Survival and other Outcomes in Parkinson Disease: Clinical and Genetic

    Rochester, MN

  8. Clinical Evaluation of the Infinity DBS System

    Jacksonville, FL


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