Gloved hand holding biospecimen vial

Biorepositories Program

Mayo Clinic Biorepositories Program resources are available to investigators in industry and academia.

Biorepositories, such as the Mayo Clinic Biobank, are essential resources for personalized medicine research, as they enable the study of both health and disease over long periods of time.

The Biorepositories Program:

  • Provides pre-analytic laboratory services, including:
    • State-of-the-art services for the collection, processing, storage, distribution and management of all types of biospecimens.
    • Histology-related services include immunohistochemistry, tissue microarray construction, digital imaging and laser capture microdissection.
  • Maintains several biospecimen collections, including the Mayo Clinic Biobank, which is:
    • A collection of samples and information from 50,000 participants regardless of health history across all campuses and various health system sites.
    • Increasing its research efforts in the Latino population by collaborating with Mountain Park Health Center to oversee the Sangre por Salud Biobank in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Facilitates research by providing access to laboratory resources, collections and expertise in biobanking.

Program leaders