Molecular Development Service Line

Molecular development services at Mayo Clinic help researchers and clinicians create the mouse lines and murine-based antibody products needed to advance basic science research, clinical research and laboratory medicine aspects of patient care. Cores are focused on production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and transgenic and knockout mice.

Antibody Hybridoma Core

The Antibody Hybridoma Core generates monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies for researchers to use in their laboratories or research programs and for clinicians to screen patients as part of laboratory medicine clinical practice. Monocolonal antibodies produced in the Antibody Hybridoma Core can be commercialized through Mayo Clinic Ventures.

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Transgenic and Knockout Core

The Transgenic and Knockout Core generates transgenic and gene-targeted mice that allow researchers to study the underlying causes of many diseases, including cancer. Transgenic and gene-targeted mice produced by the core enable researchers to observe how genes — or mutant variations of genes — are expressed.

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