Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Research performs leading-edge research to define the mechanism of injury and utilizes these findings to implement educational programs and therapeutic interventions. This work helps prevent injuries, enhances athletic performance and increases injury prevention during play.

Sports Medicine Research investigates all aspects of sports injury evaluation, treatment and prevention to provide optimal care to those involved in sports- or fitness-related activities. Recent work has addressed neuromuscular interventions to prevent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, the use of subsymptom exercise to return athletes who've had concussions to a pre-head-trauma state and the modeling of lower extremity athletic joint injuries.

Research focus areas

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Research focuses on the following areas for optimal care and results for athletes:

  • Mechanisms that may identify the anatomical and structural causes of injuries
  • Screening using algorithms to identify athletes at a high risk of injury
  • Intervention and prevention through neuromuscular training protocols
  • Treatment strategies (surgical and nonsurgical) to optimize outcomes after injury

Comprehensive care comes from bringing research directly into practice. A complete team of surgeons, physicians, researchers, specialists and therapists work together to return people to physical activity as soon as possible.