Orthobiologics and Ultrasound

Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine performs translational and clinical research in orthobiologics (regenerative medicine) and ultrasound. Specific areas of research include:


To harness the regenerative potential of orthobiologics, a form of regenerative medicine, it is imperative to evaluate and understand various factors associated with healing and tissue regeneration. Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Research is evaluating the types and concentrations of cells, growth factors, cytokines, and chemokines contained within orthobiologic products. Furthermore, the effects of these constituents on the local and systemic environment (both chemical and cellular) are investigated using in vitro and in vivo models. Viral vectors are used to perform gene manipulation research to alter the course of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as osteoarthritis. This foundational research enables to develop new regenerative medicine techniques and refine established ones.

Based on the basic science studies performed in our labs, novel orthobiologic treatments using growth factors, stem cells and gene therapy can be rapidly translated into clinical practice where further research can be performed to determine safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness.


High-resolution ultrasound imaging is utilized in a deceased donor model to develop techniques and confirm the ability to identify anatomic structures that could not previously be imaged. This enables our clinicians to use ultrasound to identify and treat pathological conditions heretofore unrecognized. New ultrasound-guided procedures, surgical techniques, and tools and equipment are developed and tested in deceased donor models to determine feasibility, ensure safety, and refine the procedural technique, tools and equipment.

Similarly, novel diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures can also be translated into clinical practice where further studies to determine their safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness can be performed.


Review research publications on regenerative medicine by Mayo Clinic sports medicine researchers.