Economic Evaluation Service

Through its Economic Evaluation Service, the Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery offers clinicians and investigators specialized services to conduct analyses on economic costs and health care resource utilization using a variety of health economic methodologies.

In the current health care fiscal environment, measurement of health outcomes alone is no longer sufficient for demonstrating value of an intervention. Researchers must also demonstrate that the expected benefits of a new agent, technology or any other health intervention are worth the costs.

To do so, they need formal economic evaluations, a group of analytic methods to quantify and compare benefits — prevented disability, improved quality of life, and so on — and costs of medical interventions. The Economic Evaluation Service team can assist with studies requiring economic evaluations.

Areas of focus

The Economic Evaluation Service offers a wide variety of economic evaluation services under the broader theme of comparative effectiveness research. The faculty and analysts in the Economic Evaluation Service team are well-trained and have many years of experience in conducting a variety of comparative effectiveness research studies, including but not limited to health care utilization and costs analyses, clinical outcomes analyses, and cost-effectiveness analyses.

Examples of how the center's Economic Evaluation Service enhances research include:

  • Analyses paired with prospective clinical trials
  • Retrospective analyses of prior clinical studies
  • Retrospective and prospective observational studies
  • Economic analyses based on publicly available data sources
  • Analyses using models based solely on information from the literature

The Economic Evaluation Service is a charge-out resource available to researchers from all areas of health care and health care delivery, both within and external to Mayo Clinic.

Begin by reviewing the service's pre-consultation checklist. Then, email Mayo Clinic's Economic Evaluation Service to request a consultation.

Read publications on PubMed resulting from the Economic Evaluation Service team's efforts.


Bijan J. Borah, Ph.D.

Jon O. Ebbert, M.D.