Research Programs and Themes

Investigators in our five research programs and four themes work to understand all elements of the aging process, including age-related diseases and conditions that affect the health span. This research is underscored by a unique collaborative approach with a shared goal of improving quality of life during aging, which is typically measured by years of independent living and remaining free of age-related diseases and disabilities.

Cardiovascular Program

The Cardiovascular Program focuses on identifying and targeting fundamental biological mechanisms that contribute to declines in cardiovascular function with aging. Read more.

Immunology Program

Researchers in this program study immunologic processes during aging to learn more about controlling infections and reduce inflammaging. Read more.

Metabolism Program

The Metabolism Program supports mechanistic and translational research that focuses on understanding the impact of energy metabolism and nutrition on the aging process. Read more.

Musculoskeletal Program

The Musculoskeletal Program brings together investigators from multiple disciplines to help define and understand how bone and muscle wasting dysfunction are linked to fundamental cellular processes in aging. Read more.

Neurology Program

Researchers in this program study the mechanisms underlying brain aging and pathological changes associated with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Read more.

Research themes

The center also has four research themes: Discovery Science Theme; Translational Research Theme; Clinical Studies Theme; and Dissemination Theme. Read more.