Program leadership

Director: Eduardo N. Chini, M.D., Ph.D.

Metabolism Program

The Metabolism Program supports mechanistic and translational research that focuses on understanding the impact of energy metabolism and nutrition on the aging process.

The goal is to bring together basic researchers and clinicians in this field and to facilitate collaborations and development of young investigators. A coordinated bench-to-bedside approach to understanding the role of metabolism and nutrition in the aging process provides tools to help improve the lives of older adults.

Metabolism and nutrition are crucial modifiable aspects that can impact healthy aging. However, to date, no metabolic or nutritional manipulations are completely accepted as interventions in aging.

Focus areas

Research focus areas in the Metabolism Program include:

  • Supporting efforts of faculty members engaged in research on aging, metabolism and molecular nutrition.
  • Training and recruiting young investigators in metabolism and nutritional aspects of aging.
  • Developing infrastructure for the study of metabolism and nutrition in aging.