Minetta C. Liu, M.D. Minetta C. Liu, M.D.

Study Co-Chair

Celine M. Vachon, Ph.D. Celine M. Vachon, Ph.D.

Study Co-Chair

Fergus J. Couch, Ph.D. Fergus J. Couch, Ph.D.

Study Co-Chair

Breast Cancer: STRIVE Study

The STRIVE Study is designed to test a new option for breast cancer screening. Using technology developed by GRAIL Inc. (Menlo Park, California), the STRIVE Study will gather blood samples from 120,000 women at the time of their screening mammogram. These samples will be tested for small pieces of DNA and RNA released into the blood by tumors.

This study will look at whether a blood test can:

  • Find the breast cancers that mammograms find
  • Find the breast cancers that mammograms miss
  • Reduce the number of times women without cancer need follow-up to rule out cancer
  • Increase the chances that a breast biopsy is recommended only for the very few who have cancer

The earlier that breast cancer can be found, the greater the chance of a cure. The goal of the STRIVE Study is to make this blood test available to women in the next five years.


Eligible participants are asked to:

  • Read and sign an informed consent form that fully explains the study
  • Provide a blood sample around the time of your mammogram, drawn by an experienced practitioner in the same clinic
  • Complete an electronic questionnaire at a time and place most convenient for you
  • Some participants may be asked to provide additional blood samples each year for 2 years, or at the time of any new cancer diagnosis
  • Agree to be followed for through your medical record and state cancer registry for at least 5 years

Neither you nor your doctor receives personal test results from this study because the test is still under development and is for research purposes only. Any results will not affect the medical care you receive.


Patients and referring physicians can contact our STRIVE Study directors for more information:

You can also contact the Center for Individualized Medicine for information on other studies and trials.