Emerging Science

The Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine continues to lead the field in precision medicine research, including in new and developing areas such as exposomics.


Studying the exposome is one of the next frontiers of biomedical science and will significantly enhance the ability to individualize patient care. While medicine has greatly benefited from the explosion of genomic research in recent decades, genomics represents only a percentage of the factors that cause or contribute to disease.

The exposome — the measure of all the exposures a person has in their lifetime, including environment, diet and lifestyle — is a critical counterpart to the genome and also has significant impact on health and disease. Exposomics studies how those exposures relate to health and disease.

Understanding the exposome encompasses new high-throughput spectrometry methodologies that generate high-dimensional data. These data will inspire foundational advances in computational analytics, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to identify biomarkers of disease processes and new targets for therapy.

Exposomics in PSC Research

Mayo Clinic hepatologist Konstantinos N. Lazaridis, M.D., details the importance of the exposome in primary sclerosing cholangitis research, including what the exposome is and challenges associated with its observation.

Resources such as the Individualized Medicine Blog and educational efforts such as the Individualizing Medicine Conference help build the health care workforce of the future by sharing Mayo Clinic expertise about novel concepts, emerging methodologies and new potential biomarkers in the era of exposome-enhanced individualized medicine.

Individualizing Medicine Conference

"Explore the Exposome," Mayo Clinic's 11th annual Individualizing Medicine Conference, will focus on the exposome — the measure of all a person's exposures in their lifetime and how those exposures relate to health and disease. Learn more and register for the Individualizing Medicine Conference, Nov. 2-3, 2022.