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Individualized medicine, also known as personalized medicine or precision medicine, means tailoring diagnosis and treatment to each patient to optimize care. Patients have experienced this kind of care for a century and a half at Mayo Clinic, where teams of specialists have always worked together to find answers.

Now, at a time when we can routinely sequence a whole human genome and better understand the function of genes that form part of our genome, individualized medicine at Mayo Clinic has been taken to the molecular level. We're using your unique genetic code to more effectively and precisely diagnose, treat, predict and eventually prevent disease.

And that's what the Center for Individualized Medicine is all about — solving the clinical challenges of today and tomorrow by bringing the latest discoveries from the research laboratory to your doctor's fingertips in the form of new genomics-based tests and treatments.

A natural fit

Why the Center for Individualized Medicine — and why at Mayo Clinic?

  • Integration of patient care, research and education. Patient care, research and education have always gone hand in hand at Mayo Clinic — it's part of our culture. Most clinicians are involved in research, and Mayo physicians and scientists serve as faculty in Mayo Medical School and Mayo Graduate School and mentor residents and fellows in Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education.

    Such close integration means that genomic discoveries move quickly and easily from the lab into clinical trials, and that proven genomics-based diagnostics and treatments are seamlessly brought to patients and taught to the next generation of doctors and scientists.

  • Team approach. Individualized medicine research at Mayo Clinic, like all research, is a team effort. Using genomics to improve health requires a union of forces, including physicians who see patients with a particular disease, scientists who investigate its molecular basis, epidemiologists who study its effect on populations and other technical experts who support them along the way.
  • Research resources. Mayo Clinic uniquely has a large collection of well-cataloged tissue samples and patient data. Having access to such complete, high-quality specimens and information gives our researchers an invaluable "big picture" when studying the effects of genetics on patient outcomes over time. Mayo has also developed a robust infrastructure to use, store and vigilantly protect genomic information.
  • Putting patients' needs first. The Center for Individualized Medicine builds on Mayo's philosophy of putting patients at the center of the care experience and ensuring their needs come first. We have built the center around the needs of our patients and linked the clinical practice, education and research resources required to deliver a more individualized patient care experience.

Center structure

The Center for Individualized Medicine is organized into two interwoven groups of programs. The translational programs bring discoveries to patient care, while the infrastructure programs provide technical resources, expertise and services to ensure information is available to all medical providers, wherever the patient may be.

Translational programs

Infrastructure programs

Give Hope

The Center for Individualized Medicine is a strategic priority for the Campaign for Mayo Clinic.

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