Surgeon Role

Can everyone in the room use OR-Stretch?

Any member of the surgical team can participate in the stretches. Use the surgeon's email to log in to OR-Stretch and identify a nonsterile member of the team to press Go to begin stretching. Data is collected on the surgeon only, and the surgeon will be asked to complete follow-up surveys.

What is a Super User?

A Super User is someone who wants to use OR-Stretch in their operating room, and has autonomy and approval to set up and test OR-Stretch before use. Setup involves testing the sound, screen and internet connection. Super Users are able to solve problems and proactively use OR-Stretch.

What is a User?

A User is a surgical team member that uses OR-Stretch in their operating room and has the support of a Super User or Champion in setting up the OR prior to use during a procedure.

Why do I receive an email and have to fill out a survey?

The surveys give you an opportunity to tell us how the microbreaks are working in the operating room, and to assess the impact of microbreaks on aspects of the surgeon's workload, such as mental focus, level of fatigue and physical demand.

Will I always receive the email and survey?

No, the survey is emailed during the initial-use period and then periodically to check in with users unless otherwise recruited for a research study.

Can I stretch whenever I want to?

Yes, Go can be pushed at any time to start the stretches.

Can I be either standing or seated?

Yes. There is a button at the top of the screen where the preferred posture ("Seated" or "Standing") is selected.

How should I determine my reminder interval?

The reminder interval is 40 minutes; however, you may change it from 20 to 55 minutes depending on your case, your fatigue level or other factors.

What if the alarm goes off during an inconvenient time during my surgery?

When the alarm goes off, there is the option to press Go to start the stretches, or press Snooze to delay the stretches until a more convenient time.

Can I pause at any time?

Yes. Push Stop/Pause at any time to stop or pause the timer. You can return to the stretching or be finished with OR-Stretch. Pushing Stop/Pause gives you a set of choices to return to stretching or stop.

Could it interrupt my OR workflow?

If the alarm goes off at an inconvenient time in the workflow, press Snooze. The stretches are short and should not interrupt the workflow.

What training is offered?

OR-Stretch instructions in PDF can be placed in the operating room and online, and demonstration videos are available.

How can I share this with others?

To share OR-Stretch, copy this address: