What is OR-Stretch?

OR-Stretch is a web application designed to guide surgeons and surgical teams through brief stretches during their surgical cases to reduce mental and physical demand and decrease the likelihood of long-term injuries or disability.

How will OR-Stretch make my operative day better?

In a 2017 study on the use of intraoperative breaks, 41% of the surgical team reported that the breaks had improved their physical performance and 34% reported an improvement in their mental focus. Out of all study participants, 87% planned to continue the stretches after the study concluded.

Is there a cost?

No, there is no cost to use OR-Stretch in the operating room.

What types of surgeries and procedures work best with OR-Stretch?

OR-Stretch is intended for surgeries that last for two hours or more. OR-Stretch can be used for any type of procedure, but it is not as easy to use during robotic surgeries.

Do I have to scrub out to use this?

No. A nonsterile member of the surgical team will be responsible for pressing the Go button to begin the stretches. The stretches do not require the surgeon to scrub out.

How long does the stretch last?

The stretching duration is 70 seconds each time the Go button is pressed.

Will it increase my operative duration?

No. A 2017 study, The Impact of Intraoperative Microbreaks With Exercises on Surgeons: A Multi-Center Cohort Study showed that the microbreaks did not significantly increase operative duration.

What muscles are stretched?

The stretches are designed to counteract the postures assumed by surgeons during open and laparoscopic surgery described in Evidence-based intraoperative microbreak activities for reducing musculoskeletal injuries in the operating room.

What if I already have pain?

Members of the surgical team can modify the stretches as needed. If engaging in any of these movements causes pain, stop stretching immediately.

How will it guide me through the stretches?

There are audio cues and a video demonstrating the stretches to follow.

How will I know when it is time to stretch?

When the timer is done, a harp sound plays to indicate that it is time to stretch. Stretches also can be started at any time by simply pressing the Go button.