Understanding the Molecular Engines That Drive Tumor Invasion

The Brain Tumor Stem Cell Research Lab studies the genetic controls of aberrant tumor growth and the mediators of tumors' migratory and invasive capacity.

The main goal of the lab's research in this area is to understand how tumors invade the healthy brain. Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa's team is studying a gene called YAP, which has been shown to control organ growth and which the team has discovered to also control the movements of cancer cells.

The lab has also identified other genes that YAP regulates to promote growth and invasion in brain tumors. By studying YAP and the genes it controls, the research team hopes that it can help inspire future treatments that target these genes.

By elucidating the role of this signaling cascade, researchers can target these mal-genes to combat brain cancer. Thus, the aim of this project is to identify better therapeutic modalities for treating brain cancer.

Project team

Lab members researching the molecular engines driving tumor invasion of the brain include:

  • Beatriz I. Fernandez Gil. Ph.D.
  • Paula Valentina (Paula) Schiapparelli, Ph.D.