Clinical Trials

Part of Mayo Clinic's commitment to its patients involves conducting medical research that can help people live longer, healthier lives. Clinical trials are research studies that involve volunteer participants. These studies help physician-scientists better understand, diagnose, treat and prevent diseases and conditions.

The Department of Urology-Research is highly engaged in clinical trials, with numerous ongoing studies in both noncancerous and cancerous urological diseases and conditions. Mayo Clinic is a leader in recruiting participants for clinical trials in bladder cancer, prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

Current urology clinical trials are studying surgical interventions, novel therapeutic medications and various procedures for a wide range of conditions, including incontinence, kidney stones, overactive bladder, urinary tract cancer and many more. Mayo Clinic also has thousands of other active clinical trials and research studies, and it coordinates national clinical trials with other medical institutions.

To find a clinical trial for a specific urological condition, use that name in the search field, such as "bladder cancer" or "kidney stones." If you don't find a clinical trial you're looking for, try using different search terms or following recommendations on the search tips page.