Bladder Cancer

Researchers are investigating many different approaches to treating bladder cancer. In the Department of Urology, physician-scientists are studying new ways to refine surgical treatment options, evaluating new chemotherapy regimens for advanced and metastatic bladder cancer, and pursuing novel therapeutics.

Areas of research in bladder cancer include:

  • Establishing a comprehensive database of surgically treated bladder cancer, allowing us to perform detailed studies of the natural history of the disease and to conduct clinical and basic science studies
  • The role of the immune system in bladder cancer
  • Tumor markers and their ability to predict outcome and response to therapy
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy in lymph node-positive bladder cancer
  • New reconstructive techniques that don't require the use of a bowel segment, thus significantly reducing the morbidity associated with radical cystectomy
  • New chemotherapy regimens for metastatic and locally advanced bladder cancer