Search tips

Browsing versus searching

The browse feature of the website relies on the categorization of trials by diseases and conditions or procedures. Occasionally, a category may not exist for a new trial and the trial(s) will not appear by browsing. In such cases, entering terms in the search box may produce a list of trials associated with that term(s) when browsing did not return any results.

Improving search and filtering

In the search box, enter a word or phrase, such as the name of a medical condition, type of treatment or the name of a drug.

Additional filters on search results page allow you to narrow your search results by location, study status, gender, age, healthy volunteer or the phase of the study.

If you want to see only studies that are actively recruiting and accepting volunteers, check that field below the search box.

The search results page displays a list of studies that fit your search terms. You can modify your search or use the filtering options if the search results do not include what you are looking for.

You may improve your results by:

  • Making new selections and/or adding terms to narrow a search and get fewer results
  • Deleting selections and/or terms to broaden a search and get more results
  • Changing any selections and/or terms to do a related search
  • Searching for IRB or NCT numbers and other hyphenated terms using quote marks around the hyphenated number or words
  • Using the search box instead of the "browse clinical trials" function. Browse and search results occasionally vary

If your new search returns no results, the search may be too specific. To broaden your search, remove one or more search terms or fields and search again.