Why Work With Us?

Using one of the many online tools available today, investigators are often tempted to design and conduct their own surveys. This can be problematic for several reasons.

  • Not getting the data that you want. An investigator asked respondents, "When were you first told that you had diabetes?" Results ranged from the number of years ago to the year in which it occurred; others gave descriptions such as "when I had an annual exam."
  • Not knowing how to interpret responses. An investigator asked respondents if they thought the services they received were quick and comprehensive. It was not clear if someone responding no thought that the services were not quick, not comprehensive, or neither quick nor comprehensive.
  • Not contacting all potential respondents. An investigator decided to send a survey only to those potential respondents for whom she had email addresses. More than 30% of her patients did not have email addresses, particularly those who were of older age. This introduced substantial bias into the survey results.

Avoid these complications by taking advantage of the Survey Research Center's more than 25 years of experience facilitating high-quality survey research.