Project Types

The Survey Research Center works with a wide spectrum of survey topics, including:

  • Medical outcomes and follow-up
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Administrative issues
    • Patient satisfaction with service
    • Employee satisfaction

In any year, the center is involved in over 200 survey research projects. These range in size — some require just a few personal interviews in a limited population, while others are general population surveys of thousands of individuals or employee surveys of tens of thousands of people.

Examples of projects on which the center works include:

  • Assessing risk factors
  • Assessing quality of life
  • Obtaining outcomes after diagnosis or treatment
  • Recruiting for clinical trials
  • Assessing attitudes and behaviors related to health screenings
  • Determining family trees for genetic studies
  • Assessing treatment satisfaction
  • Developing psychological scales
  • Assessing expert opinion on care delivery and intervention
  • Assessing adherence with clinical practice guidelines