Shipping and Storage

The Biospecimen Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Core facility at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, was built specifically to support sample storage and management. Having a centralized facility provides better efficiency, automation, uniformity and standardization, which means high-quality material for investigators.

The core offers a variety of sample storage solutions, with both conventional and automated freezers. Services also include custom kit building and cost-effective and secure sample shipment supported by a national network of courier services.

Kit building

Kits for sample collection and processing are custom prepared to include specific collection containers and processing vials, study-specific paperwork and instructions, and return shipping materials. Kits can be shipped directly to the end user or provided to the study team.


International Air Transport Association (IATA)-trained staff members prepare samples for worldwide shipment using a variety of courier services. A package can contain multiple samples from multiple patients. Samples can be shipped at ambient, refrigerate or frozen temperatures. For researchers at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, moving samples to another lab location on campus is not considered shipping.


The BAP Core offers long-term storage of biospecimens and viable cells. Samples can be stored at a variety of conditions, including ambient temperature, temperature of 80 degrees Celsius below zero, and liquid nitrogen. Locations are tracked in the Research Laboratory Information Management System (RLIMS). The core can store more than 70 million 1.4-mL cryovials. The laboratory freezers are monitored by a TempTrak freezer monitoring system.