Imaging Service Line

Mayo Clinic's imaging services help investigators create high-quality visualizations and physical models of their research data or samples, while also developing, testing and introducing new imaging techniques. Cores are focused on biomedical imaging, microscopy and cell analysis, and X-ray imaging.

Biomedical Imaging Resource Core

The Biomedical Imaging Resource Core provides study teams at Mayo Clinic and around the world with:

  • Reproducible image analysis
  • Data management
  • Guidance on protocol design
  • Custom software and hardware solutions

The core's media and model production resources help researchers create high-quality visualizations and physical models of their data.

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Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core

The Microscopy and Cell Analysis Core provides:

  • Specimen preparation
  • Light and electron microscopy
  • Multiparameter flow analysis
  • Cell-sorting services

The core also develops, evaluates and implements new microscopy and flow cytometry techniques. Specialized instrumentation and procedures include cytometry, electron microscopy, optical microscopy and image analysis.

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X-Ray Imaging Core

The X-Ray Imaging Core provides state-of-the-art X-ray imaging services to Mayo Clinic's research community and limited work externally. This physically distributed core on Mayo's campus in Rochester, Minnesota, offers access to:

  • CT scanning
  • Human postmortem CT imaging
  • C-arm portable X-ray fluoroscopy
  • A surgery suite
  • Bi-plane fluoroscopy
  • Micro-CT scanning

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