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A volunteer subject with no known significant health problems who participates in research to test a new drug, device or intervention. These volunteers are recruited to serve as controls for patient groups. Healthy volunteers receive the same test, procedure, or drug the patient group receives.

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  1. A Study to Evaluate A Tinnitus Implant System to Treat Chronic Severe Tinnitus

    Rochester, MN

  2. A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Doppler Ultrasound of Large Arterial Systems of the Brain as Vascular Involvement Markers in Presbyacusis and Presbyvestibulopathy

    Jacksonville, FL

  3. A Study to Evaluate Electrophysiological Measurements in Cochlear Implant Patients

    Rochester, MN

  4. A Study of Normative Data for Bone-conducted VEMP Responses (amplitude, latency, threshold, asymmetry, signal-to-noise ratio) in Patients Without Vestibular Dysfunction

    Rochester, MN

  5. Study to Compare Middle Ear Mechanics in Individuals with Unilateral Otosclerosis, and Unilateral and Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipients

    Rochester, MN

  6. A Study to Determine if the Video Head Impulse Test has Sufficient Sensitivity and Specificity for Adding to Routine Clinical Practice

    Rochester, MN

  7. A Study to Evaluate Ability of Hearing Aids and Wearable Sensors to Detect Falls

    Rochester, MN

  8. Study of Auditory Function through Intra- and Post-operative Measurements

    Rochester, MN

  9. A Study to Evaluate Impedance Monitoring in Cochlear Implants

    Rochester, MN

  10. A Study to Evaluate the Effect of Electrode Impedance Fluctuations on Cochlear Implants

    Rochester, MN


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