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A volunteer subject with no known significant health problems who participates in research to test a new drug, device or intervention. These volunteers are recruited to serve as controls for patient groups. Healthy volunteers receive the same test, procedure, or drug the patient group receives.

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  1. A Study Comparing the Reliability of Measurements of the Ischiofemoral (hip) Space Between Ultrasound Operators with Different Levels of Experience

    Rochester, MN

  2. Performance and Nutrition Program for Athletes in Adaptive Sports

    Rochester, MN

  3. A Study to Analyze The Effects of Voodoo Floss Band Compression on Recovery and Muscle Soreness in Adolescent Baseball Pitchers

    La Crosse, WI

  4. A Study to Evaluate Wearable Biofeedback Sleeve for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation of Traumatic Knee Injury

    Minneapolis, MN, Rochester, MN

  5. Investigation of Neurocognitive Measures of Sport-Related Injury

    Rochester, MN

  6. Step Rate in Recreational Runners

    Rochester, MN

  7. Ultrasound Assessment of Weightbearing and Non-Weightbearing Meniscal Protrusion

    Rochester, MN

  8. A Study to Analyze Sport Nutrition Knowledge and Its Influence on Energy Availability and Body Composition in Athletes

    La Crosse, WI

  9. Generalized Joint Hypermobility in Adolescent Athletes

    Rochester, MN

  10. A Study of Performance Metrics and Their Relationship with Competition Results and Injury Development in Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping Athletes

    Rochester, MN, Minneapolis, MN


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