About the Program

The mission of the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for HLHS at Mayo Clinic is to support education and research on why and how heart disease develops and progresses. Investigators collaborate to develop cell-based therapies to repair heart tissue.

The program's goal is to delay or prevent heart failure in people with HLHS.

Strengthening the HLHS Heart with Regenerative Medicine

Research strategy

The Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for HLHS at Mayo Clinic is made up of a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of physicians, researchers and allied health staff members working together to discover and apply innovative solutions for HLHS.

Based on their clinical and scientific expertise and experience, staff members are grouped into research teams, with each team dedicated to one of the program's scientific focus areas:

  • Imaging and outcomes research
  • Human genetics investigations
  • Regenerative medicine strategies
  • Creation of an annotated biorepository

The program's fourth focus area, the biorepository, is a crosscutting piece of infrastructure that supports work in the first three scientific focus areas.

Together, these teams comprise one integrated program. They actively collaborate, sharing their expertise and latest findings with each other to accelerate HLHS research.