HLHS Consortium

U.S. map showing consortium locations.

The Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for HLHS at Mayo Clinic have joined forces in a nationwide collaboration to develop an HLHS consortium.

The HLHS Consortium was developed to give patients more options when it comes to participating in groundbreaking clinical trials and other HLHS research, no matter their location.

The consortium's national network aligns regional centers to accelerate the pace of completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials and develop a financial model to sustain a continuous pace of HLHS research and innovation.

The HLHS Consortium drives innovation, discovery science and clinical expertise by investing local resources back into research. The consortium is designed to have five to seven regional centers across the U.S. to fund the development of cell-based, innovative research opportunities that can transform the lives of people living with HLHS.

This collaboration improves important access to clinical trials and allows HLHS researchers to pool scientific knowledge with other top cardiovascular programs around the country. The consortium helps decrease the amount of time from research and discovery to the clinical application of innovative cell-based therapies.

The HLHS Consortium additionally offers a home monitoring mobile application for patients within the interstage period. This mobile app allows for faster communication between families and providers, more accurate data capture processes, and a move away from recording on paper.

For more information on the HLHS consortium, email HLHS@mayo.edu.

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