Research Activities

The center's research is carried out across Mayo Clinic through innovative programs, initiatives and research support services to improve health and health care delivery, including:

  • Data Science Program. Data science researchers lead the development and integration of artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based solutions that are a hallmark of the center's practice-transforming work. Learn more about the center's data science research.
  • Diversity Science Program. The Diversity Science Program team studies, implements and disseminates solutions to emerging and complex inequity issues within Mayo Clinic and beyond. Learn more about the center's diversity science research.
  • Economic Evaluation Service. The Economic Evaluation Service team analyzes economic costs and health care resource utilization to help researchers show that the expected benefits of a new agent, technology or intervention are worth the costs. Learn more about the Economic Evaluation Service.
  • Health Care Systems Engineering Program. Researchers apply engineering, management and translational science principles to improve health care delivery systems and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health care. Learn more about the center's health care systems engineering research.
  • Health Services and Outcomes Research Program. Researchers and data analysts in this program are focused on comparative effectiveness research, economic evaluation, outcomes research, the health care delivery experiences of patients and providers, as well as quality and safety. Learn more about the center's research on health services and outcomes.
  • Implementation and Evaluation Science Program. The center's implementation and evaluation science experts lead research to engage patients and care teams and improve implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices in routine care. Learn more about the center's implementation and evaluation science research.
  • Knowledge Synthesis Program. The center's knowledge synthesis team evaluates and summarizes all available evidence on a particular topic to ensure that research efforts are comprehensive and efficient and that the best available evidence is applied to patient care. Learn more about the center's knowledge synthesis research.
  • Science of Quality Measurement Program. Quality measurement experts evaluate the methodologies of federal pay-for-performance programs and hospital ratings, help ensure that all care provided at Mayo Clinic is evidence-based, and critically examine Mayo's best practices to ensure they are — and remain — the gold standard in health care. Learn more about the center's quality measurement research.
  • Surgical Outcomes Program. Research focused on surgical access, safety, quality and outcomes improves the quality of surgical patient care at Mayo Clinic and in the U.S. Learn more about the center's surgical outcomes research.