About the Science of Health Care Delivery

The challenges facing the country's health care system — from issues with access to rising costs — are considerable and complex.

The science of health care delivery focuses on how patients actually receive care. From using engineering principles to determine the most efficient way to schedule patient appointments to research focusing on the most successful, cost-effective means for delivering treatment, this discipline's aim is to enhance the patient's experience with health care by improving quality, outcomes and cost.

American health care cries out for the discipline of health care delivery science because — as a whole — U.S. health care is disintegrated, uncoordinated and expensive.

As legislators continue to grapple with health care reform, Mayo Clinic is "just doing it" — starting with our own medical practice. We constantly strive to perfect our own processes and procedures because we believe that health care providers have a responsibility to lead this effort. By creating the center, Mayo Clinic is emphasizing the need to invest more resources into this discipline and accelerate the pace of improvement.

The Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery builds upon more than a century of health care delivery research at Mayo Clinic. The goal of the center is to focus and coordinate resources to analyze, evaluate and implement care delivery models that improve value for patients.

The center is highly focused on the "science" aspect of care delivery — not simply on anecdotal evidence that may suggest issues or solutions. Combining data analysis, engineering principles and health care delivery research, the center puts its theories, models and care delivery methods through the scientific rigor necessary to determine whether or not they improve patient care, outcomes and cost. Ideas developed and tested in the center can be seamlessly implemented into the Mayo Clinic practice.

Through the center, Mayo Clinic will continue to lead the way in patient-centered health care innovation. By developing best care practices at Mayo Clinic and with partners across the country, Mayo Clinic is working to alleviate the nation's health care problems and improve the standard of care nationwide.