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Training grant programs home page

The table below contains training grant programs at Mayo Clinic, including type and number of positions. Linked program descriptions include eligibility criteria, application instructions and program faculty.

The number of positions listed for each program represents the total number of trainee positions awarded, not the number of current open positions.

Minority Training Programs

TitleProgram DirectorPositions
Institutional Short-Term Research Training for Students of Diversity Horazdovsky, Bruce F. Ph.D.17
Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Lujan, J. Luis (Luis) Ph.D., M.S., Maher, Louis (Jim) J. III Ph.D.8
Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program Lujan, J. Luis (Luis) Ph.D., M.S., Maher, Louis (Jim) J. III Ph.D.6

NIH-NRSA Postdoctoral

TitleProgram DirectorPositions
Cardiovasology Training Program Terzic, Andre M.D., Ph.D.6
Clinical Pharmacology Training Program Wang, Liewei M.D., Ph.D., Weinshilboum, Richard M.D.6
Multidisciplinary Training in Digestive Diseases Faubion, William A. Jr. M.D.5
Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) Program Vachon, Celine M. Ph.D., Kantarci, Kejal M.D.3
Training Program in Lung Physiology and Biomedical Engineering Prakash, Y. S. M.D., Ph.D., Sieck, Gary C. Ph.D.6
Postdoctoral Training Program for Research on Aging Passos, Joao Ph.D.3
Kidney Disease Research Training Program Romero, Michael F. Ph.D., Lieske, John C. M.D.3
Musculoskeletal Research Training Program Westendorf, Jennifer J. Ph.D.5
Research Training Program in Neuro-Oncology O'Neill, Brian Patrick M.D., Vile, Richard G. Ph.D.3
Diabetes and Metabolism Training Program Jensen, Michael D. M.D.6
Paul Calabresi Program in Clinical-Translational Research at Mayo Clinic Jatoi, Aminah M.D.Contact program

NIH-NRSA Predoctoral

TitleProgram DirectorPositions
Medical Scientist Training Program Kaufmann, Scott H. M.D., Ph.D., Schimmenti, Lisa A. M.D.6
Ph.D. Training Program in Basic Immunology Shapiro, Virginia M. Ph.D.5
Musculoskeletal Research Training Program Westendorf, Jennifer J. Ph.D.2
Predoctoral Training Program in Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Choi, Doo-Sup Ph.D., Karnitz, Larry M. Ph.D.4
Predoctoral Training Program in Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases Research Billadeau, Daniel D. Ph.D., McNiven, Mark A. Ph.D.4
Ph.D. Training Program in Virology and Gene Therapy Cattaneo, Roberto Ph.D.3

Other Training Programs

TitleProgram DirectorPositions
Stimulating Access to Research in Residency (StARR) Program Garovic, Vesna D. M.D., Ph.D., Nath, Karl A. M.D.4
Mayo Clinic Summer Undergraduate Research in Nephrology and Urology Romero, Michael F. Ph.D.14