Dr. Ross has cultivated a vast network of collaborating researchers for the Stroke and Vascular Disease Laboratory. Our lab has collaborated with researchers in neurology and neuroscience in more than 20 countries, along with colleagues at Mayo Clinic, leveraging the expertise of other scientists as we seek to advance identification of genetic factors involved in stroke and vascular disorders.

Mayo Clinic collaborators

Our current Mayo Clinic collaborators include:

External collaborators

Our current external collaborators include:

    • Vesna Brankovic-Sreckovic, M.D.
    • Clinic for Child Neurology and Psychiatry
    • Dr Subotica 6a, Belgrade 11000, Serbia
    • Steve Pavlakis, M.D.
    • Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    • Director of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology
    • Maimonides Infants and Children's Hospital
    • Chief Scientific Officer, Maimonides Medical Center
      4802 Tenth Ave.
      Brooklyn, N.Y
    • Timothy Lynch, MB, BSc., DCH, FRCPI, FRCP, ABPN
    • Consultant Neurologist, Mater Misericordiae University and Beaumont Hospital
    • Director, The Dublin Neurological Institute
      57 Eccles St.
      Inns Quay, Dublin, Ireland