Periodically, Dr. Dickson lectures on neurodegenerative diseases and integrating research discoveries from the Neuropathology and Microscopy Lab and Mayo Clinic's brain bank in Florida.

Findings and implications of brain pathology research for multiple system atrophy (MSA) are presented. The importance of brain sample donations is stressed.

During a professional short course, Dr. Dickson shares research highlights related to the neuropathology of parkinsonism and similar conditions.

In this interview, Dr. Dickson goes inside Mayo Clinic's brain bank in Florida. He explains the significance of sample brain bank donations for research and the benefits for patient families.

Lewy body dementia is described along with studies at Mayo Clinic that are supported by this research award.

Dr. Dickson discusses Lewy body dementia research based on autopsy results with colleague Tanis J. Ferman, Ph.D.