Dr. McNiven has published numerous scientific articles based on research in his Membrane Trafficking in Disease Laboratory. These publications focus on the cellular mechanisms causing pancreatic and liver cancer metastasis, including lipid droplet breakdown in the liver, epidermal growth factor overexpression and processes by which tumor cells degrade the extracellular matrix.

Featured publications

Thomes PG, Strupp MS, Donohue TM Jr, Kubik JL, Sweeney S, Mahmud R, Schott MB, Schulze RJ, McNiven MA, Casey CA. Hydroxysteroid 17β-dehydrogenase 11 accumulation on lipid droplets promotes ethanol-induced cellular steatosis. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2023; doi:10.1016/jbc.2023.103071.

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Li Z, Weller SG, Drizyte-Miller K, Chen J, Krueger EW, Mehall B, Casey CA, Cao H, McNiven MA. Maturation of lipophagic organelles in hepatocytes is dependent upon a rab10/dynamin-2 complex. Hepatology. 2020; doi:10.1002/hep.31059.

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Li Z, Schulze RJ, Weller SG, Krueger EW, Schott MB, Zhang X, Casey CA, Liu J, Stöckli J, James DE, McNiven MA. A novel Rab10-EHBP1-EHD2 complex essential for the autophagic engulfment of lipid droplets. Science Advances. 2016; doi:10.1126/sciadv.1601470.

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