Numerous researchers from within Mayo Clinic and around the world collaborate with the Human Integrative and Environmental Physiology Laboratory on its research programs.

Mayo Clinic collaborators

External collaborators

  • Ross A. Arena
    Physical Therapy
    University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Christopher Baldi, Ph.D.
    Dunedin School of Medicine, Health Sciences
    University of Otago
    New Zealand
  • Kenneth C. Beck, Ph.D.
    KCBeck Physiological Consulting LLC
    Eden, Utah
  • Mike F. Harrison, M.D., Ph.D.
    Detroit, Mich.
  • Manda Keller-Ross, Ph.D., D.P.T.
    Physical Therapy
    University of Minnesota
  • Sophie Lalande
    University of Ohio
  • Paul Magelli
    Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Norm Morris, Ph.D.
    Griffith University
    Gold Coast, Southport
    Queensland, Australia
  • Raj Rajamani, Ph.D.
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    University of Minnesota
  • Christina Spengler Walder, Ph.D.
    Department of Health Sciences and Technology
    ETH Zurich
  • Eric M. Snyder, Ph.D.
    Department of Kinesiology
    University of Minnesota
  • Bryan J. Taylor, Ph.D.
    Sports and Health Sciences
    University of Exeter
    Devon, U.K.