Integrated Clinical Studies Unit

The Frank and Marisa Martire Family Integrated Clinical Studies Unit (ICSU) provides dedicated clinical research infrastructure to support study participants receiving experimental treatments related to clinical trials.

The ICSU provides space and support staff needed for Mayo Clinic principal investigators in any medical specialty to treat participants in clinical trials requiring prolonged observation. Many studies in the ICSU are early-phase, first-in-human trials, but all phases of clinical studies can be accommodated.

The ICSU offers:

  • 12 private rooms for research participants
  • Research laboratory processing adjacent to the ICSU
  • Research pharmacy adjacent to the ICSU
  • Electronic lift assistance
  • Emergency resuscitation equipment
  • Physician office for principal investigator oversight
  • Vitals monitoring in each room
  • Workstations for research staff

Each state-of-the-art private room is set up for the medical procedures and infusions necessary for clinical trials. Rooms are also designed with participants' comfort in mind and equipped with televisions, as visits may last up to eight hours.

Monitoring is intense and frequent to ensure safety and monitor participants' tolerance to study medications. Vital signs, blood tests and other medical tests can be taken as often as every half hour.

A research pharmacy is located on the same floor for convenience and faster delivery. The research pharmacy team works closely with the ICSU team to coordinate the preparation and delivery of novel therapies.

Additional space in the ICSU is occupied by Mayo Clinic Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Core satellite location. This strategic build-out of the BAP Core helps support the increased demand for therapeutic clinical trials and the services needed to expand them, and complements the other locations in the Davis Building and Campus Support Center.


For questions about the Integrated Clinical Studies Unit on Mayo Clinic's campus in Jacksonville, Florida, including inquiries about facilities, trials or availability, please contact:

The Frank and Marisa Martire Family Integrated Clinical Studies Unit (ICSU)

  • Dorothy J. and Harry T. Mangurian Building, Second Floor
    4500 San Pablo Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32224

In coordination with the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science, the ICSU provides a close connection between the conduct of trials and translation into clinical practice. Search ongoing clinical trials at Mayo Clinic.