The Biostatistics Core, which is part of the Division of Clinical Trials and Biostatistics, provides comprehensive biostatistics consulting and analysis services to investigators for all stages of the research process. The core is composed of biostatisticians and statistical programmers and is led by Phillip J. Schulte, Ph.D., a senior faculty member in the division.

Division biostatisticians are involved in protocol development, study design and the development of statistical methodologies. They work independently or in consultation with doctoral-level statisticians depending on their level of experience. Statistical programmers, who predominantly have bachelor's-level training in mathematics, computer science or other closely related fields, primarily support data cleaning, retrieval and management as well as the programming of statistical analyses. Though these individuals are administratively organized separately in the core, they work seamlessly with each other and with the Ph.D. statisticians within the division.

The core supports a large range of project types, including genetic analyses, clinical trials, outcomes research and observational clinical studies. The core also works to develop and refine statistical methods and software, including more than 250 specialized SAS macros and R programs that have been used by groups both internal and external to Mayo Clinic.

For information about the types of projects supported, including genetic analyses, clinical trials, outcomes research and clinical studies, contact the core.