The Division of Epidemiology at Mayo Clinic focuses on research related to understanding the occurrences and determinants of states of health and disease in defined populations.

The division's mission is to fulfill Mayo Clinic's research, clinical and educational missions to improve health through leadership and collaborations in epidemiologic studies of patients, communities and populations.

Epidemiology research at Mayo Clinic is centered on patients and other populations to test or generate hypotheses that translate to and from the basic and clinical sciences, with the ultimate goal of improving clinical care.

The division carries out numerous ongoing epidemiologic research studies among residents of Olmsted County in Minnesota, Mayo Clinic patients and other populations.

The Division of Epidemiology is part of the Department of Health Sciences Research at Mayo Clinic. There are approximately 125 members with doctoral level, master's level or bachelor's level expertise, including about 20 nurse abstractors and 35 research coordinators.

The division is represented at all Mayo Clinic campuses and is growing to meet Mayo's research needs.